So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up……Galatians 6:9 NLT

One time I was at conference and the speaker was talking about how they had been in a dry season and were having a hard time hearing the voice of God. They said that while they were in that season, since they weren’t sure what step to take next or what direction God was calling them in, the only thing they knew to do was to continue living according to God’s Word.

To wake up every day in that season and say, “God, I give this day to you. Help me to live in a way that glorifies You.” I thought that was so powerful. That when we don’t know what to do, we can simply just do what is right. We can continue to be faithful with our every moment. I love how the sermon ended, too. They said that in that season, one day they woke up and heard God so clearly say, “It’s over.” That day that season ended, and God started to take them in such a clear direction. Sometimes we go through seasons that aren’t fun, that aren’t enjoyable, and that are just downright hard, but we are still called to be faithful in the waiting.

If you’re in one of those seasons, while you wait submit yourself to God, and choose to do the right thing. 

Our Daily Bread

“The Main Actor”

The Lord has done this………Psalm 118:23

I once heard about a student taking a class in preaching at a prominent seminary. The student, a young man who was a bit full of himself, delivered his sermon with eloquence and evident passion. He sat down self-satisfied, and the professor paused a moment before responding. “That was a powerful sermon,” he said. “It was well organized and moving. The only problem is that God was not the subject of a single one of your sentences.”

The professor highlighted a problem all of us struggle with at times: We can talk as if we’re the primary actor (emphasizing what we do, what we say) when in truth God is the primary actor in life. We often profess that God is somehow generally “in charge,” but we act as if all the outcomes depend on us.

The Scriptures insist that God is the true subject of our lives, the true force. Even our necessary acts of faith are done “in the name of the Lord”—in the Lord’s power (Psalm 118:10-11). God enacts our salvation. God rescues us. God tends to our needs. “The Lord has done this” (v. 23).

So the pressure’s off. We don’t need to fret, compare, work with compulsive energy, or feed our many anxieties. God is in charge. We need only trust and follow His lead in obedience. By Winn Collier


God, I’ve been paying lip service to You being in charge of my world. It’s exhausting, and I want to stop doing that. Help me trust You.

God’s Plan For Marriage – Never Changing

I love the story right at the beginning of the Bible about Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden. Here we see the first man and woman, placed in this incredible place, and the most amazing part of the story is that God Himself, the Creator of everything, came every single day to spend time with them.

Let that soak in a little. It is a perfect picture of marriage. It could have gone on like that forever, but it didn’t and things changed. Yet, I really believe with all my heart that God still wants you to love your spouse like He must have taught Adam and Eve to love each other. I don’t know what God said to Adam and Eve each day in the garden, but I am sure it had a lot to do with relationships; both their relationship with Him and with each other. When things changed for Adam and Eve, God’s plan for marriage did not change. God was all in with Adam and Eve, and He is all in with you and your spouse. He never changes.

Today’s One Thing:
Ask God to grow your love for each other today!

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