The Wisemen: A Love Story

Introduction They’ve got a song. They’ve got a bumper sticker. They are on Christmas cards and featured in almost every Nativity scene. But the the wise men may be among the least understood characters in the first Christmas drama. In nativity scenes there are always three of them. They’re always dressed like royalty with flowing […]

The “Fear Nots” of Christmas

The problem with fear. How many of you would like to be fearless or at least experience less anxiety in your life? Of course you would. Anxiety has so many negative effects on your life. You can’t be afraid and have good day! Prolonged anxiety is really bad for your physical and emotional health. And […]

Defeating Frustration

Introduction People often ask me how I get ideas for sermons. I read a lot of things. I ask God for direction. I try to think about what people are going through in their lives and what the Bible has to say about those things. And sometimes my own life experiences prompts me to write […]

The Benefits of Gratitude

Introduction Some people see Thanksgiving as an obligation that they don’t adequately meet. And much of the preaching on this subject makes us feel guilty because we are not sufficiently Thankful. The same kind of preaching makes us feel guilty because we don’t pray enough, give enough, serve enough, have enough faith or even love […]