Acing the Tests of Life

When I was in school, I would often ask “Is this gonna be on the test?” I didn’t always get a straight answer. But when it comes to the tests of life, the Bible lets us know exactly what is on the test.  Staying filled with peace and joy is easier when you know how to recognize and deal with the things that test you.  Join us […]

Staying Filled

I feel like a lot of us could use a Spiritual Reset. This simply means stopping (and evaluating) what we are doing as Christ-followers and as a Church. Next, taking corrective action as necessary. Then restarting to begin afresh. And this is so consistent with the Bible’s repeated offer of divine do-overs and new beginnings.   So join us this Sunday for a Spiritual Reset.  See you in […]

The Power of Hope

Hope offers amazing power to people whether facing overwhelming odds, serious illness, significant financial trouble, seemingly irreconcilable family problems and when stepping up to seize big opportunities.God designed you and the world you live in to operate on hope. In fact God wants you to have so much hope that it impacts everything in your life including the people you come in contact with everyday.  The […]

The Compassion of Jesus

I’m not very computer savvy.  I think I used to be. Not so much anymore.  But there seems to be one tried and true way to fix most computer problems. I just do a reset.  I turn it off and turn it back on again. 99.9% of the time, the problem clears up and it […]

James 3

In the third chapter of James, the focus is on the power of words, and especially the damage that can be done with them.

Defeating Frustration, Pt. 2

I really like our current series “defeating the things that defeat us.” And it is essentially about winning the inner wars we all must fight. This Sunday we will continue answering the question, “Are you frustrated in God’s plan or is God frustrating your plans?” See you in church!

Defeating Frustration

I really like our current series “defeating the things that defeat us.”  And it is essentially about winning the inner wars we all must fight.     This Sunday we will answer the question, “Are you frustrated in God’s plan or is God frustrating your plans?“ See you in church! 

Defeating Self-Doubt

I really like the new series we are in.  I think we will call it, “defeating the things that defeat us.”  And it is essentially about the inner war that everyone must fight at times throughout your life.  And it is based on the idea that God wants you to win these battles.  The Bible says,  […]