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Same Storm Different BoatThe historic story of the passenger ship, Titanic, is tragic. The ship touted to be unsinkable sunk and even when the ship’s passengers were told to get into lifeboats, the first boats were lowered half full because the passengers were convinced the Titanic wouldn’t sink. They felt it was safer to stay […]


Statistically Speaking… Statistically, someone reading this today will have an affair at some point this year. It might be you. It might be me. I believe with all my heart that each of us is vulnerable to having an affair. In fact, the first step toward an affair is failing to admit we are vulnerable. […]

Doing Good

We’ll never completely agree with another person on everything. Not even our spouse or best friend. Of the nearly eight billion people in the world right now, there’s not a single person like you. That means there won’t be anyone with your exact viewpoint on life, politics, money, relationships, or religion. You are uniquely you, […]


 4 Year old grandson, Christian, calling Grandma on a Video Call Grandma: Hello?  Christian: Hi Grandma! Grandma: Hi my Angel! How are you?  Christian (with a smile): I’m good Grandma Grandma: What’s wrong Christian? You seem sad. Christian: I have a cold Grandma. Grandma: I see your nose is running. Can Grandma pray for you […]

Living in God’s Blessings

WLCC’s new sermon series “Living in God’s Blessing” GO TEAM! A couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of being a TEAM as husband and wife. It is something that is important all the time but probably more important today than ever. What does it mean to be a TEAM during this pandemic? […]

Prayer Time for Mayors and Churches

God blessed us with an incredible turn out for the Mayor and Church meeting. We were so encouraged to see 16 different Pastors and their churches represented. Pastor Ray Cowell from Western Loudoun Community Church was among the participants. Let’s build on this great turnout! This will be a quarterly event and the first of […]

Come Celebrate Easter with WLCC

Easter is the single most important holiday for Christians. It’s the saddest, happiest day of our year. Jesus’ death on the cross and His triumphant, earth shattering resurrection is the reason for the hope within us. We’d like to share that hope with you this Sunday. Our service starts at 10:00 AM at The Old […]

190+ Boxes Packed Chock Full of Christmas Cheer For Kids Around the World

Today at our packing party we packed over 190 boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child! Many thanks to all of our volunteers who help pack all those boxes. If you picked up a box from our kiosk in Hillsboro’s Old Stone School but haven’t been able to drop it off yet, you can drop […]

2018 Baptism Service

It’s a yearly tradition at WLCC to hold a baptism service every summer. If you are a new Christian, or have been a Christian for some time but haven’t been baptized, WLCC welcomes you to take the next step in your Christian walk with us. If you would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor […]