Sermon Speaker

James Templeton

Elements of a Christian Perspective

Our perspective can have a transformative impact on how we view things. So how should our Christian faith impact our perception, and what should the results. be? We will talk about three areas this Sunday.

James 5

Continuing on to the final chapter of James, we will discuss a Christian perspective on wealth, dealing with trials, and fellowship with God and the church.

Making the Hard Changes in Your Life

In our series, “Fresh Start” we have been talking about making changes to your life. But why is it so hard to change some things in your life?  Things like habits, patterns of behavior, ways of relating to people, and overcoming weaknesses.  And what does God say it takes to change them? Well that is what […]

James 3

In the third chapter of James, the focus is on the power of words, and especially the damage that can be done with them.

James: Faith in the Real World

James is a book about practical religion – how our faith should flow out into the real world. This week, we will talk about chapter 2 – treating others with respect and mercy, and how our faith should result in works – as James puts it, “Faith Without Works is Dead.”