Conflict Resolution

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One of the most important life skills you can learn is conflict resolution- how to resolve a conflict and how to restore a strained or broken relationship.  If you don’t learn this one, you won’t have the “rich and satisfying life” Jesus promised.  Because we’re all different.  We all see the world differently and think differently.  And number two, we all have different wants.  I want what I want and you want what you want. And everything is fine until what you want, interferes with what I want. Or what I think contradicts and challenges what you think.  Furthermore, we are all imperfect.  We make mistakes. We do things that hurt and disappoint others and they do the same to us.  And so it is inevitable that you will have conflict in life.  And so resolving conflict is a really important skill. Jesus said, 

Blessed are those who make peace. They will be called God’s children.  Matthew 5:9 (GW)

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