The Compassion of Jesus

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I’m not very computer savvy.  I think I used to be. Not so much anymore.  But there seems to be one tried and true way to fix most computer problems. I just do a reset.  I turn it off and turn it back on again. 99.9% of the time, the problem clears up and it starts working again. A sluggish computer often speeds up. An unresponsive computer starts responding again. I don’t exactly know why this works, but it does. I imagine the computer does some clean up and corrective action during start up to address the problems.  

I feel like a lot of us could use a Spiritual Reset. This simply means stopping (and evaluating) what we are doing as Christ-followers and as a Church. Next, taking corrective action as necessary. Then restarting to begin afresh. And this is so consistent with the Bible’s repeated offer of divine do-overs and new beginnings.  

So join us this Sunday for a Spiritual Reset

See you in church! 

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